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Where do you turn when faced with medical uncertainty?

on Wednesday, 07 November 2012. Posted in Group Benefits

Despite the continual advancements being made in identifying and treating medical conditions, neither the system nor the doctors are infallible. Mistakes can and do happen, more often than we might like to think. In Canada, 10%-15 % of patients are misdiagnosed every year; the number is likely higher, since many medical errors are never discovered (“When doctors make bad calls,” Globe & Mail, Feb 24, 2012).

The importance of finding the right group benefit broker.

on Wednesday, 10 October 2012. Posted in Group Benefits

When investing in a group benefit plan, every company deserves to get the best/right advice. It is a big investment and making a wrong decision can end up costing the company lots of money. We, as brokers, should be able to help employer with key decisions, such as whether choosing self-funding health coverage is a viable option or whether an insured plan might be more appropriate for the organization and its workforce. In addition, you can expect a good broker to help you through:

Small Business Week at Empire Life

Written by Neil Lecky on Sunday, 16 October 2011. Posted in Group Benefits

Small Business week is from October 16-22

This week is small business week at Empire Life. Empire celebrates the success of small businesses in Canada with this short video clip, sit back and enjoy!