• Employee Group Benefits

    Why get an Employee Group Benefit Plan?

    1. Get a competitive edge in the job market
    2. Get a cost-effective method of providing employees with coverage for medical/dental bills
    3. Protect employees and their families
  • Group Benefit Team

    Why choose our team?

    1. Personalized one-on-one service for administrators and employees
    2. Detailed market analysis of quotations and recommendations
    3. Reliable up-to-date progress on your benefit plan

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Welcome to the Alliance Group Benefits Team! Our team acts as an intermediary between your company and our insurance providers. Our responsibility is to match those seeking group benefits with insurance companies that most closely meet your business needs. Our team of expert advisors can find the group benefit plan best suited to your company, from a variety of sources. Group Life Insurance and Health Benefits for small to large companies ASO Plans (Administrative Service Only) Competitive Quotes from top insurers across Canada Group RRSP, RESP, and traditional investment savings accounts and more!